Ask away! We can only get so detailed about our services on the rest of the website, so this is where we have placed the most common questions our customers ask about our services. We like it when customers actually want to be informed about what we do.

1. What leads to wrinkled carpet?

Wrinkled, wavy, or rippled carpet is not uncommon and there are a couple of factors that may contribute to it:

  • Carpet padding is worn out, has degraded, or was a low quality pad to begin with: Carpet padding—the foam pad between your carpet and the floor—helps provide form, shape, and cushion to your carpet, so when it flattens out, the shape and tautness of your carpet is lost and it becomes loose. Foot traffic then makes it look wrinkled or rippled.
  • Carpet was improperly installed: many carpet installers take short-cuts or don’t possess the best equipment for the job. According to industry standards, carpet should be installed with both knee kicks and a power stretcher, but many installers stop at the knee kicks and forego with power stretcher which simply doesn’t give your carpet a good enough stretch. We always use a power stretcher in combination with a knee kick.
  • Carpet has been exposed to extremes of heat or cold: ever leave town for vacation and leave your AC turned off in the heat of summer? The temperatures in your home or apartment can climb and when they do the materials in your carpet are affected causing the carpet to “relax” or loosen. Tip: leave you’re AC turned on to a more modest setting so you maintain some indoor climate control while you’re away. It can save your carpet.

Good news is…we can fix wrinkled carpet!

Learn more about our carpet stretching services.

2. I need a repair made to my carpet. How will you match a piece of carpet to my existing carpet?

There are a couple of possibilities for sourcing carpet when it comes to replacing a damaged piece of your carpet.

  • We can try to match your carpet to a common remnant we have on our truck. All our trucks carry a selection of standard carpet pieces in common colors as a convenience for our customers.
  • We can source a matching piece of carpet from a dim back corner of one of your closets. This usually provides us with the closest match possible. What do we do with the hole we make there? We patch in a piece of a remnant off the truck.

3. Will anyone else notice that I had a piece of carpet replaced?

In most cases no one but you will notice the patched carpet. But there are a few factors that contribute to how noticeable a repair might be:

  • Is your carpet very worn or aged? Sourcing a fresh piece of carpet and patching it –even seamlessly—could be a giveaway that work has been done.
  • Can we source a matching piece of carpet or do we need to try and work with a close match? If you don’t have a matching piece of carpet on hand or available in a back closet, we are very challenged to try and make a repair that isn’t obvious.
  • Where is the repair? The more out-of-the-way the damage the better when it comes to playing down the repair. A repair smack dab in the middle of your carpet it likely going to be possibly more noticeable than one in a back corner behind an easy chair.

Our goal is to save you the costs that come with replacing all your carpet. Our repairs are precision and designed to match as closely as possible.

Do you have more unanswered questions? Our office staff is Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certified and more than capable of answering even your most complex questions. Or just want to schedule an appointment? Call us now: (505) 565 7724

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