Before and After carpet stretching

New Mexico Carpet Repair and Cleaning (NMCRC) can stretch your wall to wall carpet for multiple reasons in Albuquerque, NM!  Not only does NMCRC stretch carpet to get unsightly ripples out, or to reinstall useful carpet after being uninstalled (usually due to water damage), NMCRC also stretches carpet for the purpose of finishing a transition to new flooring.  The Albuquerque resident in the picture above installed a quality new wood floor.  While the wood flooring was installed very well, wood flooring installations have many differences compared to carpet.  Carpet and wood flooring require different tools, knowledge, and a different skill set for quality work to be done.  It is common for a hard surface flooring installer to not finish a transition from carpet to other flooring.  This is where NMCRC comes in, offering carpet stretching and tack strip installation for finishing these situations.  New hard surface flooring is great to have and it is also great when the job all the way finished! Call us today if you are in a similar situation!