Pet Damage

We Solve Pet Damage!

By far some of the most common services we provide to our customers are solving pet damage. Dogs and cats (as well as other pets) are well-loved members of our families, but they can be rough on your carpets! From cat urine to chewed holes and clawed spots, we make it look like new.

How We Fix Pet Urine on Your Carpets

Pet urine, particularly cat urine, is difficult to remove—it stains AND leaves behind odor-causing bacteria. The challenge is that often, once a cat or dog urinates on the carpet, they will return to the same spot or general area, sometimes urinating again and again. Repeated urinating not only soaks a carpet, but soaks through to your carpet pad, and can even damage the floor beneath it. Good news is that we can help fix the bacteria that grows and fix pad and carpet damage.

  • Lightly soiled carpet gets a deep cleaning and restretching if needed.
  • Heavily soiled carpet gets more intense treatment: we deep clean the carpet, then pull it back, remove and replace damaged carpet padding beneath it, clean the floor, and apply an enzymatic cleaner that literally eats the odor-causing bacteria that have built up. Then we lay the carpet and padding back and restretch the carpet, securing it.

How We Fix Ripped and Clawed Carpet

Dogs get a bit nervous when you’re away from home and cats love to scratch. Consequently your carpet can become torn, frayed, and chewed leaving unsightly holes and even creating unsafe trip and fall hazards if not repaired. Don’t replace it! We can repair it, possibly saving you hundreds of dollars.

We cut out the damaged carpet and bond in a permanent section of carpet. How do we make a match? A number of ways:

  • We can source a piece of replacement carpet from any remnant you might have (many homeowners have a small piece of carpet that installers have tucked away in a closet or garage)
  • We can source a piece from a dark back corner of a closet (someplace no one else would ever see)
  • If those both fail, we can try to make a close match with common remnants we have on hand–not the ideal solution, but we give it our best shot.

Your carpet can be almost as good as new once the New Mexico Carpet Cleaning and Repair technicians are done.

For expert cures to the common pet damage, call New Mexico Carpet Cleaning and Repair now at 505-688-1724

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