Carpet Stretching

A new carpet is beautiful. It’s clean, it’s undamaged, no stains, no worn areas, and pulled tight. As time goes on, daily life can work away at your formerly beautiful carpet. Unfortunately, one of the most common problems is a carpet that customers report is “wrinkled,” “rippled,” “wavy,” and “loose.” How does carpet get loose and wrinkled?


  • Poorly installed carpet: New carpet is stretched when it’s installed. But some installers “cheat” on the stretching process. Ideally a carpet should be stretched with knee kicks as well as a power stretcher, but many installers skip the power-stretching part. Knee kicks attached to installers’ knees when they are tacking the carpet down simply don’t provide the stretch necessary to protect your carpet from daily use, leaving it susceptible to loosening and rippling.
  • High heat: Here in New Mexico we can experience some high temperatures in the summertime. Luckily most interiors are air-conditioned and therefore provide some climate control. Good news for carpet! When carpet is exposed to high heat for an extended period of time, it can cause the carpet to buckle and ripple. Ever leave town on vacation during the summer? Consider your carpet when adjusting your A/C upon departure. Don’t turn it off. Instead, set it to an indoor temperature that allows you to save energy dollars, but doesn’t permit the interior air to heat up to extremes in which your carpet could buckle and ripple.
  • Old and worn-out carpet padding: Carpet padding provides a layer of support between your carpet and floor. Over time it wears out, compresses, and loses its thickness. Carpet padding that is old and fails to provide support and cushion likely needs to be replaced, but it can also cause the unsightly carpet ripples.

Professional Stretching

New Mexico Carpet Repair and Cleaning technicians provide thorough carpet stretching that includes power stretching. At the same time we can also bundle other services with your visit if necessary.

Carpet rippled or wavy? Let us provide a professional and thorough carpet re-stretching. Call New Mexico Carpet Repair and Cleaning now at 

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