Commercial Carpet Repair

You have a lot invested in your business and a lot on your plate, but your carpeting may not always be uppermost in your mind. But because it’s a visible asset, any rips, stains, tears, and other damage stand out in both your customers’ as well as your employees’ eyes. We are proud to offer our business clients expert carpet repair services that solve some of the most common commercial damage.

Broken and missing rubber reducers

These components provide a safe transition between hard surface flooring and carpeted surfaces and are widely used in commercial applications. Department stores, industrial buildings, retail stores, corporate and office buildings – all typically have areas where rubber reducers are used. These can become loose and even broken and missing, causing trip and fall dangers where carpet meets other flooring material. Repairs are easy and not nearly as costly as a lawsuit!

Buckled and rippled carpet

In a commercial environment carpets can buckle and ripple for a number of reasons. Where carpet is glued directly to the floor, adhesives can become damaged or degraded due to environmental factors or age. Where carpet padding is used, it’s common that padding ages or extremes of heat and humidity can loosen carpet. New Mexico Carpet Repair and Cleaning technicians fix all types of buckled and rippled carpet—whether it’s remounting carpet with industrial adhesive and bonding loose edges or replacing carpet padding and re-stretching your valuable office carpet—we do it all.


Burns on carpets are unforgiving and can’t be steam-cleaned away. In most cases we cut out the section that’s damaged making sure to remove all of the burn. We then replace that section with a new piece of carpet, called a permanent section. Using a matching remnant, we cut a replacement piece of carpet that fits precisely in the space where we cut out the damage. Then we apply an epoxy to all edges and bond it, edge to edge for a nearly invisible repair.


Some stains can be removed with a deep cleaning, while others particularly bleach and other harsh chemicals commonly used in commercial spaces, simply cannot. When stains cannot be shampooed, we use the same repair technique as that used on burns and many rips and holes- we remove the damage and replace with a matching permanent section.

Holes, rips, and tears

High heeled shoes, heavy commercial furniture, and employee and customer traffic can snag, rip, and wear holes in commercial carpet. Left un-repaired it is unsightly at best. At worst, it’s a lawsuit waiting to happen and an unnecessary hazard. It also implies to customers and clients that you may not care much about your business’s appearance, which can suggest you may not care about other things in your business, as well. Unraveling or missing pile (particularly symptomatic of berber carpets) can be repaired using a couple of techniques – learn more about how we repair berber carpet. Large areas of carpet damage are commonly cut out and replaced with a matching replacement or permanent section that’s bonded in with special epoxy.

Commercial carpet repairs are second nature to us. Before you spend thousands of dollars replacing carpet, talk to us first. All New Mexico Carpet Repair and Cleaning pros are industry certified and skilled with all types of repairs. We will give you our expert opinion and a free quote for our services. 

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