Carpet Repair

Damaged, smelly, or stained carpet? Before you fork over hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on replacement residential or commercial carpet, call New Mexico Carpet Repair and Cleaning. Why? We do things differently than typical carpet cleaning companies. We specialize in near surgical repairs on all types of carpet.

Residential Carpet Repair

Carpet gets walked on, danced on, played and wrestled on, spilled on, and yes, urinated on. It takes a beating! Kids, pets, even active adults are murder on your home’s carpet. By far our most common home carpet repair is due to pet damage. Urine stains and odors and clawed and chewed carpets are our number one biggest call from customers. Your pet is part of the family. And we are all pet lovers ourselves—we get it. Let’s keep the pets and fix the carpet! Other common home repairs include carpet re-stretching as well as fixes for stains, burns, and water damage. Learn more about how we fix pet damage and ow we re-stretch carpets.

Commercial Carpet Repair

Damaged carpet on your business’s premises poses a number of risks: first it sends a message to customers that you are not on top of your business and implies you don’t care about appearances. It’s unsightly and can cost you customers and clients. An even bigger concern is the legal risk for trips and falls.

We can fix all kinds of damage to commercial carpeting, including replacing rubber reducers, repairing rips and tears, and removing odors and stains.

Don’t spend your hard-earned money on replacing carpet! Call New Mexico Carpet Repair and Cleaning for expert carpet repair services. Our technicians are all IICRC certified and provide professional, trusted, and expert repair services for homeowners and business owners.

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