Berber Carpet Repair

Berber’s durability makes it one of the most popular carpets for high traffic areas. It’s common in apartments, homes, and in commercial buildings. Typically it’s a low maintenance carpet as well—until it gets damaged.

Berber is a looped pile carpet and as such it is woven from long yarn fibers. This explains why a snagged berber carpet literally begins to unravel, exposing long rows of missing pile. Shoes like heels and cleats, pets, heavy furniture that is dragged over the carpet are all common causes of berber damage.

How We Fix Berber Carpet Damage

There are generally two strategies we have available when determining the best way to repair your damaged berber carpet.

  • Section replacement: For more extensive damage or for situations in which we cannot weave back in the fibers, we can cut out the damaged section and replace it with a permanent section sourced from a remnant you have on hand or cut from a hidden back corner of a closet.


New Mexico Carpet Repair and Cleaning technicians are skilled with berber repairs. Many other companies would have to replace your entire carpet, costing you hundreds of dollars. Don’t replace it! Repair it. Call us today

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