Carpet Cleaning

Crystallize your carpet and fight soil with New Mexico Carpet Repair and Cleaning’s encapsulation cleaning.  This new and improved carpet cleaning method with leave your carpet more visually pleasing, cleaner, and healthier and will leave you happy with your carpet again.  It will all also lengthen the life of your carpet so you get more out of your carpet investment.  The encapsulation cleaning uses ground breaking technology that finds and surrounds soil like white does rice. It then dries quickly and breaks to be taken away by vacuuming.  This soil won’t want to come back to New Mexico Carpet Repair and Cleaning’s biodegradable cleaning agents (emulsifiers) as your carpet will stay clean longer.  The dry time is unbeatable, in some cases 90 minutes after cleaning; your carpet is ready to use looking crystalline clean.  Call New Mexico Carpet Repair and Cleaning today for a free estimate!

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Whether it’s your home or your business–your carpet says a lot about you. How you live and what you like to do. Yes, there are steam cleaners you can rent at the grocery store, spot cleaners you can buy almost anywhere that “promise” to remove all stains and odors, and you can vacuum ‘til your heart’s content. All these things may make your carpet look clean, but down deep in your carpet’s fibers lie odor-causing bacteria, ground-in dirt, dander, and dust, and even fibers that are stained and discolored. Make it a regular habit to schedule a professional deep cleaning for your carpet.

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Carpet adds beauty, warmth, and comfort to your home. It can also help reduce noise and provide an added layer of insulation against cold and heat. Vacuuming gets only the surface dirt and dust. And chances are you are immune to any odors that have built up. New Mexico Carpet Repair and Cleaning provides a deep and thorough cleaning that removes dirt, grit, allergens, and odors that– over time– become locked deep in your carpet’s fibers. Done on a regular basis, professional cleaning can reduce general dust build-up, minimize allergens, and provide relief for anyone who may suffer from respiratory illnesses.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Keep your business’s carpet clean and in tip-top condition and it can literally help your business. This cosmetic maintenance ensures customers see your attention to detail. Cleaning also maximizes your carpet’s lifespan. We are able to fix damage when caught early, saving you time and money.

Our cleaning is quiet, fast , and powerful so you can remain undisturbed with us there for a brief amount of time and your business’ carpet looking fabulous.

Our Carpet Cleaning Equipment

We use the Brush Pro 20 to encapsulation clean your carpet.  The Brush Pro is small but packs a punch.  With a 700 Watt motor, brush rotation at 390 RPM it can clean up to 3500 square feet in one hour.

Contact New Mexico Carpet Repair and Cleaning to schedule your home or business carpet cleaning. We offer a thorough, powerful deep cleaning. We schedule to accommodate your schedule, not ours.

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