Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning

New Mexico  Carpet Repair and Cleaning is here to provide high quality, customer oriented, carpet cleaning.  We aim to give you a complete cleaning with powerful equipment, a thorough process, and great customer service. 

There are places in the world where it is customary to remove your shoes before entering a home. This is not a bad idea. Did you know that 87% of soils in your carpet are tracked in by shoes? The good news is that the soils are trapped in the carpet and not in the air. The bad news is the soils are trapped in the carpet. Carpet in a home acts like a huge filter that traps and holds soil and also allergens. While its a common misconception that use of carpet degrades the indoor air quality, studies have shown along with a decrease of carpet use came more allergic reactions in those. This is because carpet is the biggest  filter. In your home. Like all filters, it must be cleaned and rinsed on a regular basis. This is where New Mexico Carpet Repair and Cleaning can help you. Many carpet manufacturers require professional and regularly scheduled carpet cleanings to maintain the warranty.  NMCRC is here to offer you two different processes for cleaning.  We utilize both hot water extraction and also encapsulation cleaning.  NMCRC can help you determine the frequency and type of cleaning processes used to maintain your carpets appearance, air quality of your home, and provide a service that will help you protect your investment.

 Here at New Mexico Carpet Repair and Cleaning we utilize the Sapphire Scientific Pro 1200; a high powered direct drive truck mounted unit.  We also incorporate an on board water softening system.  This helps us avoid the use of the hard water that is found in our area, and allows use of less cleaning agents, leaving your carpet soft and clean.

We also utilize a complete seven step process to clean your carpet. The initial step of our process is the inspection of the carpet. We can best determine the course of action to take with your carpet if we have some information about your carpet. Our IICRC certified technician may ask you things like; when was your carpet last cleaned and by whom?  How old is the carpet? Has there been any kind of spot cleaners or home cleaners used on the carpet?  Knowing these kinds of things about your carpet will allows us to determine the most economical and efficient way to clean your carpet. The next step and the first actual cleaning process step is to vacuum. There are dry particulate insoluble soils on your carpet. These must be removed before pre-spraying your carpet. Vacuuming will remove 70 to 80% of the insoluble soils. The use of a high quality vacuum and spending more time in high traffic areas will provide you a proper vacuuming. In the third step we will pre-condition or pre-treat with a pre-spray. This will apply the chemical needed to break down soils and suspend them for extraction. The fourth step is agitation of the pre-conditioner.  This will loosen the soil and work the chemical deep into the carpet. This allows the chemical to come in contact with all soils in the carpet preparing it for extraction. This brings us to the fifth step which is extraction. Hot water extraction along with a professional grade extraction detergent is how we do it. This removes the soils and pre-spray from deep within your carpet, while at the same time rinsing it. Several dry passes may be necessary to avoid over-wetting. Interestingly it is in the sixth step that we address the spot removal. Only after the overall cleaning has been done will the spot removal be done if there are any spots left. The final and seventh step is grooming the carpet utilizing a carpet rake or brush to remove any wand strokes and set the pile to allow for faster drying. We will place furniture on plastic tabs to prevent rust stains from developing while the carpet is drying.

We can also protect your carpet which is highly recommended.  When a flourochemical is applied, it will protect your carpet from oil based and water based stains and keep your carpet clean longer.

All of this work is performed by an IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration) certified technician. Our technician is certified in each of the different processes used in the repair, cleaning and restoration of your carpet.

Our technician is concerned with your comfort and safety and carries all MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) sheets on all chemicals used.  Please let us know if there are any existing allergies you may have to any cleaning products.

We also have a maintenance program to keep your carpet in fresh, soft, and beautiful. I am very excited to be able to offer you one free encapsulation cleaning when 1 hot water extraction cleaning and 2 encapsulation cleanings are completed  (residential customers only, must be scheduled within 12 months).  With this done over a year’s time, it will keep your carpet cleansed and high performing, while extending the life of your carpet and help maintain a higher level of indoor air quality. Thank you for visiting.  Hope to hear from you soon.

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