North Valley Pet Damage Repair  Pet Damage Repair North Valley

This type of repair is a common one for New Mexico Carpet Repair and Cleaning. Our technician is quick and courteous and was happy to go out and take care of this carpet in a home in Albuquerque’s North Valley. This customer was extremely satisfied that this cost effective process solved his problem without having to replace a large section of carpet. The tools and training our IICRC certified technicians possess, allow NMCRC to consistently achieve these results. What we do in this situation is, we cut out the damaged  carpet. Then, we take a piece of the carpet from an inconspicuous place in the home, (such as the back of a closet) and seam in the new piece. We will replace the carpet we took from the closet with a random sample we have on hand. Sometimes, our customers may have extra carpet on hand. We would then utilize that for our repair. One way or another we will get your problem solved.