FootHills Cleaning

This carpet cleaning job was done in the foothills area of Albuquerque, New Mexico. This picture illustrates the results which can be achieved quite dramatically. Here at New Mexico Carpet Repair and Cleaning we utilize the Brush pro 20 and the encapsulation technique to clean your carpet. The brush pro packs a punch with it’s 700 watt motor and it’s brush rotation of 390 RPM’s. This little dynamo can clean up to 3500 square feet in one hour. This delivers a deep and thorough cleaning that removes dirt, grit, allergens and odors that can become locked deep in your carpet fibers over time. Done on a regular basis, professional cleaning can reduce general dust build-up, minimize allergens, and provide relief for anyone who may suffer from respiratory illnesses.We would welcome the opportunity to come and discuss our process with you and provide you with a free estimate for your job.