rio rancho carpet burn repair carpet burn repair rio rancho

Sometimes we just don’t expect these things to happen. New Mexico Carpet Repair and Cleaning was called to this home in Rio Rancho and found a good size burn in the carpet.  Our technicians are prompt, courteous and knowledgeable. We have the right tools for the job and know how to do it right. You can see the results he was able to achieve for this job. This is how he did it.

Cut Out Damaged Piece  Our technician cut out the damaged piece of carpet.

Source Replacement Piece  He will source a piece of carpet from a remnant you may have or cut a piece from an inconspicuous place. A replacement piece that most closely matches the piece cut out will then be seamed in to replace the piece that was removed.

Seam In Repair  Our tech will then seam in the new piece. This is done utilizing special seam tape and heating tools. Knowing how to cut the carpet and place it are  some of the skills required for this type of repair.

We would love to come out and discuss how we can help you with your carpet repair and cleaning needs. Call us today.