westside traffic area cleaning traffic area cleaning westside

Your carpet gets walked on, played on, worked on, spilled on, and lived on. Entryways are exposed even more than the rest of your carpet. There is no amount of vacuuming that will take the place of a Traffic-Area-Cleaning. Those retail spot cleaners can only do so much and even the steam cleaner you can rent from the grocery or hardware store does not deliver the results our IICRC certified technician can. New Mexico Carpet Repair and Cleaning went out to Albuquerque’s Westside and look at the results.

Every once in a while, your carpet deserves a professional cleaning job. Call us today for a free estimate.

Residential Carpet Cleaning
Your home’s carpet is an integral part of providing an intimate and comfortable environment enjoyed by you, your kids, your pets, and others you invite into your home. With proper care and maintenance it can last for years.  We are all IICRC certified—an industry certification that not all companies have.

Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning  Is a quick drying method. Carpets can be placed back into service in as short as an hour with this quick drying method. A cleaning solution is sprayed on the surface of the floor covering before it is scrubbed. Dirt and soil is trapped, or encapsulated, by the cleaning solution for later removal.