westside restretch and cleaning restretch and cleaning westside

When your carpet gets dirty and wrinkled it needs a little TLC. We have plenty of that at New Mexico Carpet Repair and Cleaning. This client out on Albuquerque’s west side found that out. Just look at the results pictured here. What a difference a re-stretch and clean can make. Power stretching wall to wall makes all the difference in the world. All it took was an IICRC certified technician, power stretching equipment, proven carpet cleaning techniques and the skills to do the job. When you put that together with a company that strives to provide high quality, professional service you get results like what is illustrated above.  There are three major reasons this wrinkling happens to carpet.

  • Poorly installed carpet
  • High heat
  • old and worn out padding

Don’t let this keep your carpet from looking good again.We do carpet repair, cleaning, installation and any combination which you may need. Just give us call today to find out how we can help you resolve your carpet care needs.