Albuquerque Carpet Restretch carpet restretch albuquerque

What do you do when your carpet gets wrinkled and just not looking right? You call New Mexico Carpet Repair and Cleaning, that’s what. We will come right out and provide you with a game plan on how to resolve your carpet needs. You will get an IICRC certified technician with the right tools and knowledge to get your job done right. We did this stretch in Albuquerque. Remember: Don’t replace it, Repair it!

What causes carpets to ripple or buckle:

    • Poor installation: The carpet may have been improperly installed. In most cases of a bad installation the installer didn’t use a power stretcher properly or at all
    • Excessive wear due to traffic: Sometimes a carpet will need to be re-stretched because of wheelchairs, walkers, tricycles, etc. Even when installed to perfection it can become loose from excessive wear.
    • Sliding heavy furniture: Carpet is made of layers of fabric. When heavy furniture slides across the carpet it’s likely that it will cause rippling.
    • Latex: if the latex holding the backing together deteriorates it’s called delamination, the carpet essentially loses its grip on itself, resulting in buckling and loss of fiber.
    •  Improper padding for carpet type. Certain pile types require specific padding types; if these are paired improperly, the right amount of grip and support may not be present, resulting in carpet buckles. Make sure you consult a trained professional or manufacturer’s guide when purchasing carpet so you get the right padding to accompany it.


So, remember to call us if your carpet has fallen victim to any of these circumstances. We would love to hear from you soon.