Rio Rancho Blood Stain Carpet Cleaning Blood Stain Carpet Cleaning Rio Rancho

When you find yourself looking at a stain in your carpet that you do not know how to get out, give New Mexico Carpet Repair and Cleaning a call. This customer from Rio Rancho, New Mexico did just that. We went right out and achieved the results pictured here. We utilize the encapsulation cleaning technique.

What is the encapsulation cleaning technique?  The encapsulation cleaning uses ground breaking technology that finds and surrounds soil. It then dries quickly and breaks to be taken away by vacuuming. We utilize biodegradable cleaning agents (emulsifiers).  The dry time is unbeatable, in some cases 90 minutes after cleaning.  

Our Carpet Cleaning Equipment  We use the Brush Pro 20 to clean your carpet.  The Brush Pro is small but packs a punch.  With a 700 Watt motor, brush rotation at 390 RPM it can clean up to 3500 square feet in one hour.

We also do carpet repairs, installation and stretching. So what ever your needs may be for your carpet, call New Mexico Carpet Repair and Cleaning today.