uptown albuquerque carpet cleaning carpet cleaning uptown albuquerque

This customer from the uptown area of Albuquerque needed some help getting his purple carpet back in shape. He called New Mexico Carpet Repair and Cleaning to get the job done. Our Technician utilizes the encapsulation cleaning process.

Q) What is encapsulation cleaning?

A) The encapsulation cleaning uses ground breaking technology. Crystalizing polymers find and surround soil. It then dries quickly and breaks to be taken away by vacuuming.This new and improved carpet cleaning method with leave your carpet more visually pleasing, cleaner, and healthier and will leave you happy with your carpet again.  It will all also lengthen the life of your carpet so you get more out of your carpet investment. 

That’s how our IICRC certified technician does it. He is also certified in carpet stretching and carpet repair. So if you need some carpet TLC, call us today. We look forward to hearing from you soon.