Albuquerque Carpet Re Stretch Carpet Re Stretch Albuquerque

Do you have wrinkling that makes things look old and worn? Do you need to be rejuvenated for a fresher younger look? I’m talking carpet here. This customer from Albuquerque, New Mexico needed some TLC for his carpet. He called New Mexico Carpet Repair and Cleaning to come out and take care of his problem. Our IICRC certified technician went out and look at the results. It’s like Botox for your carpet! Wrinkles are gone and the carpet is looking good. We also do encapsulation cleaning. When you combine a stretch and a clean you get a nice, tight, clean and refreshed looking carpet. We do carpet repair as well. So if you need any or all of these services, call us. We will be happy to provide you with a free phone estimate. We can schedule a time to do whatever it is you need usually within a couple of days. Call us today for a cleaner, refreshed carpet tomorrow. Always remember, “Don’t replace it, Repair it!”