Belen Pet Damage Carpet Repair pet damage carpet repair belen

Sometimes our pets get hungry. Not for food, but for attention. I know when a puppy out in Belen, New Mexico does, she tends to eat and chew on things she’s not supposed to. This customer found the carpet with this pet damage and called New Mexico Carpet Repair and Cleaning to repair the carpet damage. Our IICRC certified tech will take care of your problem. Here is how he does it.

  1. source a piece of replacement carpet, either from some stock he has on hand that matches or from an inconspicuous place in your home.
  2. cut out the damaged section
  3. size the replacement piece and seam it in.
  4. If the replacement piece is from an area in your home, he will replace it with a carpet that most closely matches what was removed.

And now it’s all done. Our tech is certified in all processes used to address your carpet needs. We do carpet repair, cleaning, re stretching, and installation. Whatever it is you need, we can do. Call us today and remember “Don’t replace it, Repair it!”