Carpet Burn Repair Albuquerqu Albuquerque Carpet Burn Repair

Just look at the damage on this carpet. You might think this carpet is toast! When you have damage this severe you must remember, “Don’t replace it , Repair it!” Just call New Mexico Carpet Repair and Cleaning. We will be out to your home in a flash and get it done. How do we do it?

  1. Source a replacement piece of carpet. Most of the time we will find an inconspicuous place in your home with the same carpet and remove a section to use for your repair. we would then replace that piece that was removed  with a piece that most closely matches the carpet.
  2. We then cut out the damaged area and size the replacement piece to make the repair.
  3. Next, we seam in the replacement piece.

Your carpet is now repaired and look at the results. This client from Albuquerque was so happy that the entire carpet did not need to be replaced. This saved our customer hundreds of dollars! We can do the same for you. We are looking forward to listening to your carpet maintenance needs and provide you with a free phone estimate. Don’t delay, call us today!