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When you have damage like this you have some options. You can live with it, replace the carpet or call New Mexico Carpet Repair and Cleaning. In a situation like this, our IICRC certified tech will go out and find an inconspicuous place to remove a piece of carpet to make the repair. He will then replace that piece with another non matching piece and then use the piece that was removed to make the repair. There are situations where even the exact same carpet removed from a different area will not exactly match the carpet around it. This can be due to different reasons. It could be due to the exposed carpet being bleached by the sun and creating a different shade of carpet. It could also be due to cleaning of the exposed carpet and the chemicals used, that change the original color of the carpet. In any case, the repair itself in this example was a repair that was  expertly done. The seams are nice and tight and the cuts match up perfectly. It was just due to the difference in the shades of carpet that you can see the patch. This is a situation that does not happen often but it sometimes does. This repair in Albuquerque was due to cleaning and with subsequent cleaning the shades could eventually match again. Even though this repair is noticeable, the customer was informed about the possibility of this happening and was pleased with the quality of work that was done. He understood the reason why this happened and knew it was not the result of poor workmanship. He was satisfied that it was better than having a hole there and still saved hundreds by repairing his carpet instead of replacing it. We have many examples of repairs that match very well and the repair is almost undetectable. This just happened to be one of the few that did not match exactly. Whatever your situation may be, call us for a free phone estimate. We will explain to you the process we will utilize and try to point out any foreseeable problems. We are here to resolve your carpet maintenance needs.