Albuquerque Burn Carpet Repair Burn Carpet Repair Albuquerque

Do you know how to make a burn in your carpet disappear? This client from Albuquerque, New Mexico does. You call New Mexico Carpet Repair and Cleaning, that’s how. One phone call away from getting that burn, that you thought ruined your entire carpet, repaired. Our technician is certified by IICRC and knows how to get it done and look at the results achieved on this job.

Our technician will:

Source a replacement piece from a place in your home that is not noticeable like a closet.

He will replace that with a piece of carpet that closely matches your existing carpet. 

He will then will cut out the damaged area.

He will seam in the new piece and you are done.

You just saved hundreds of dollars by remembering one little phrase. “Don’t Replace it! Repair it!” Call us today for your free phone estimate. We can help you decide on a course of action and get your project done usually within a couple of days.