Westside Albuquerque Carpet Cleaning Carpet Cleaning Westside Albuquerque

A client from the west side of Albuquerque called us in to clean this carpet. These pictures show the results of this job. Here at New Mexico Carpet Repair and Cleaning we utilize the encapsulation method to clean your carpet.

What is encapsulation cleaning?

1) Your carpet is vacuumed to remove loose particles and dirt.

2) We will apply a product that will surround the dirt and grime deep in your carpet. It then dries quickly and encapsulates the soil in your carpet fibers.

3) It crystalizes and then is removed utilizing the brush pro 20. With a 700 Watt motor, brush rotation at 390 RPM it can clean up to 3500 square feet in one hour.

The drying time is very quick. It may be dry within 90 minutes after cleaning. You can see the results in the pictures above. Removing the soil and dirt that lies deep in your carpet will extend the life of your carpet. It will also reduce the amount of allergens and dust in your home. Your carpet will stay fresh and looking great with regularly scheduled cleaning.