Albuquerque Carpet Burn Repair Carpet Burn Repair Albuquerque

There are many reasons why carpet may become damaged. This client found out that Olefin carpet will burn when heavy objects are dragged across it. This was a commercial building in Albuquerque, and the tenants moved out and dragged their furniture across it and created the burn you see on the left picture on the left side of the photograph. This created a burn that ran about fifty feet down the hallway. What a mess. The owner of the building decided to go ahead and replace this section of carpet. This damaged section was removed and a new piece was installed and seamed in to the existing carpet. This was a bit challenging due to the number of doorways and also being set back from the hallway at different distances. The placement of the carpet and cutting the piece had to be done just right to accommodate all of these factors. You can see from the picture on the right that the job turned out great. There are different methods to repairing carpet damage.  In this case we did replace the carpet but only the damaged section,  saving thousands for the customer.