Albuquerque Carpet Install Carpet Install Albuquerque There are times when you just can’t avoid it. You find yourself needing to replace your carpet as with this carpet in Albuquerque. When you get to that point you need to make sure your carpet is installed properly. The proper padding for the type of carpet you have purchased is an important piece of the installation. Another important factor is knowing how to install the tack strip. This should be installed around the perimeter of the area with the nails pointing towards the wall. It should also be installed so that the distance away from the wall is the same as the thickness of the carpet you are installing. Handling the carpet itself is a challenge due to the fact that it comes in twelve foot width. When you have the tack strip, padding and carpet piece cut you then must stretch the carpet over the tack strip. Your carpet should be stretched using a power stretcher in order to achieve the desired results. You must also think about how you will place the carpet, keeping in mind how it will be seamed at the entrances and doorways. Also, if it is a big room that may require a seam as well. This should be done so the seam is in the least visible area and also with low traffic.  While it is somewhat of a simple process, all of these things to keep in mind as you are doing the installation makes it a good idea to have a professional do the install.