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In this article I am going to briefly compare hot water extraction vs. encapsulation carpet cleaning

Hot Water Extraction                                                                           

1 Uses high volume of water. This gives the ability to thoroughly  rinse the carpet.                                                                                                                   

2 This process injects water into carpet and then is immediately recovered                                                             

3 Since this process uses high volumes of water, large quantities of soil can be flushed from the carpet.                                   

4 Removing all of the detergent is almost impossible. Detergent attracts soil and stains will return.                      


1 This uses low volume of water. This enables the carpet to dry quickly

2 A crystallizing polymer is used to encapsulate the dirt and then is extracted.   

3 Large areas can be cleaned quickly. This is great for commercial applications. Wicking and recurring stains can also be eliminated. 

4 This process involves balancing the chemistry of the detergent with a crystallizing polymer. This allows for the removal of detergent.

The ideal carpet cleaning schedule would be to incorporate the two types of processes together to provide you with a complete carpet maintenance routine. hot water extraction maybe once a year along with two or three encapsulation cleanings would be a routine that would remove a large quantity of soil and also remove the chemicals and detergents used. The example illustrated above is an example of a job done by New Mexico Carpet Repair and Cleaning in Albuquerque, New Mexico.