Albuquerque Carpet Bleach Stain Repair Carpet Bleach Stain Repair Albuquerque

Mom! I spilled bleach on the carpet! Have you heard these words before? Bleach, blood, wine, all these things can leave you with a stain that will be there forever. This client from Albuquerque, New Mexico heard those words. In the pictures above you see the bleach stain on the left and the repaired section on the right. The piece that was seamed in was cut from a closet. Since there is less foot traffic in the closet, the repair is noticeable. The wear on the damaged and surrounding area is greater than the section from the closet. This is why the repair is noticeable. As time goes on the wear will even out and the repair will blend in more. The technician made good clean straight cuts which will facilitate the blending of the appearance of the carpet.