Albuquerque Carpet Cleaning Carpet Cleaing Albuquerque

Keeping your carpet looking clean and refreshed takes some time and energy. Here is an example of what a cleaning can do for your carpet in Albuquerque . There are different methods to clean a carpet. Frequent vacuuming is the first step. Then, a routine of cleaning which may include a thorough hot water extraction cleaning followed by a couple of encapsulation cleanings throughout the year will keep your carpet fresh and looking good all year. The frequent vacuuming will remove the surface dirt on a regular basis. The hot water extraction will penetrate deep into the carpet and remove dirt and debris from deep within the carpet. The encapsulation cleaning will also remove dirt and debris from within the carpet but uses very little water so this can be done more frequently than hot water extraction. The reason you do not want to do the hot water extraction too many times is due to the amount of water used. If you develop a routine like what we have outlined here, your carpet will stay looking clean and refreshed all year long.