Albuquerque Carpet Re Stretch and Cleaning Carpet Re Stretch and Cleaning Albuquerque

If your carpet is looking tired and dingy don’t despair. All it may need is a good stretch and clean. Call on a professional, certified technician like this client from Albuquerque, New Mexico did. You will be glad you did. The results pictured here are the kind of results that come from using a professional. Our technician at New Mexico Carpet Repair and Cleaning is IICRC certified in different processes for cleaning and repairing carpet. The carpet is pulled up from the base boards and then stretched from wall to wall using a power stretcher. This gives your carpet the stretch it needs to stay tight. After the carpet has been re-stretched it is ready for the cleaning. This process will improve your carpets appearance and keep you from having to replace the carpet. We can clean it, stretch it, repair it and even install it. Call us for your free phone estimate today.