Albuquerque Carpet to Tile Transition Carpet to Tile Transition Albuquerque

New Mexico Carpet Repair and Cleaning offers a range of carpet maintenance services. Carpet to tile transitions is just one of the many ways we can help you improve the appearance of your carpet. We can also repair holes, stains or tears in your carpet. Many times the work we perform is almost unnoticeable. In the home pictured above, there was a hole right at the transition. This situation was promptly taken care of by our IICRC certified technician. He was able to source a piece of carpet that matched perfectly. He then cut out the damaged piece and seamed in the replacement piece. He proceeded to secure the transition trimming off the excess and worn sections of the carpet. The hole is now gone and the transition looks beautiful. We can also stretch your carpet and clean it, providing you with a full range of carpet maintenance services to keep your carpet looking good while optimizing the life of your carpet. Call us today for a free phone estimate.