Albuquerque Carpet to new tile transition Carpet to new tile transition albuquerque

Sometimes those DIY projects just need a little professional help. This client from Albuquerque, New Mexico did and called us at New Mexico Carpet Repair and Cleaning. They had installed some new tile and were still using the existing carpet. The transition from the new tile to the carpet needed a little attention. Our technician came in and you can see the results in the pictures shown here. The transition is beautiful. Straight and tight making it look professional all the way around. It doesn’t matter what you may need help with, we are here to serve you. We can clean, repair, stretch or re-stretch your carpet to address any situation you may have. We can give you a free phone estimate and usually we can schedule your work to be done within a couple of days. Call us today! Remember, “Don’t replace it, Repair it!”