New Mexico Carpet Repair added “and Cleaning” to our name for a reason. Not only can we do quality carpet repairs and re-stretches, we can also clean your carpet on the same day as your repair appointment, in Albuquerque and it’s surrounding areas. We have a top of the line truck-mounted Sapphire Scientific Pro-1200 carpet cleaning system, with fresh water and a water softener on board. This system can produce water temperatures inbetween 220 and 240 degrees.  The vaccume power is very strong and significantly reduces dry time compared to most cleaning systems. We use quality detergents, rinsing agents, and fragrances, which are mostly bio-degradable. This combination of top of the line equipment and cleaning agents, along with IICRC certified knowledge, and a strong desire a strong desire for cutomer satisfaction, will leave your carpet looking and smelling much better than it was before. Give us a shot and call us today for a free phone estimate!