Aluquerque Carpet Restretch Carpet Re-Stretch Albuquerque

You can see the ripple in this hallway. You can also see the results of a professional carpet re-stretch. This carpet was power stretched to get those ripples out. What causes ripples? It could be your carpet was cleaned and was over wet when cleaning. It could also be the result of leaving a home closed up for an extended period of time in hot weather. A poor installation job is another cause. Whatever the reason, carpet rippling is not pleasant to look at and can cause some wear in your carpet that you don’t want. If it is really bad it can even be a tripping hazard. Call us at New Mexico Carpet Repair and Cleaning. This customer from Albuquerque, New Mexico did and was extremely pleased with the results. The carpet was in great shape. It just needed a good power stretch and it looks beautiful. We can usually schedule a job with in a couple of days. We will gladly provide you with a free phone estimate and can advise you on what we feel would be the best solution for your particular situation.