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What would you do if you found a hole like this in your carpet?  You could replace your carpet. Or, you could repair it. This customer from Los Lunas, New Mexico decided to repair it. He called New Mexico Carpet Repair and Cleaning to come out and repair the hole. Our IICRC certified tech quickly sourced a replacement piece from a closet. He then cut out the hole and seamed in a new piece cut to fit perfectly. The place where the replacement piece came from also has to be repaired in the same fashion. Using a space that is inconspicuous like a closet, allows you to  repair that with a closely matching piece. This repair turned out great. This process can be used to repair burn holes, holes chewed by pets even really bad stains. If you want to get more life from your carpet remember “Don’t Replace It, Repair It” Call us for a free phone estimate.