Carpet Repair Before and After

Puppies in Albuquerque are great for alot of reasons; home protectionmental health, fun, and companionship are all wonderful benefits of our canine friends. While this is true for many, dogs, especially puppies not the best for carpet.  When dogs are locked in a place their natural reaction is digging. This may be ok outside but carpet it is not made to uphold digging. If this does happen, there is no need to over exaggerate the problem.  Not only are dogs trainable,  CARPET IS REPAIRABLENew Mexico Carpet Repair and Cleaning is here for just that! To repair carpet that is! Also, if carpet cleaning is needed, NMCRC offers quality hot water extraction carpet cleaning as well. A pet stain and odor treatment is included with every service! Serving Albuquerque, New Mexico and surrounding areas full time going on 7 years!